Amanda Gammisch Foundation


Amanda Gammisch Foundation
Amanda Gammisch Foundation was formed in June 2021 in memory and honor of Amanda. 

GAMMISCH, Amanda L. 41, of New Smyrna Beach, FL, formerly of St. Petersburg, passed away June 18, 2021. Beautiful and brave, she fought her illness for over five years with grace and dignity. Born in Virginia, she graduated from Orono High School in Maine, and received her BS in Communications from James Madison University, VA. She was a meeting planner in Washington, DC, and moved to St. Petersburg in 2003, where she was employed by Padgett Communications, Maximo Presbyterian, and Premier Beverage. She was a powerful yogi who loved sailing and pottery. Amanda is survived by her mother and stepdad, Susan and Bruce Barber; father, Robert Gammisch; loving family; and a wealth of friends, and loving boyfriend and caregiver, Mike Gately. 

Amandas first came to Kula Yoga in May of 2016, to Kelli’s Dynamic Barre Class. She then came to my class in Nsb two days later. I remember that day. I remember you talking to another student and I over heard you. I did not say anything at that time. A few weeks later, you shared your story with me. I hardly had words, but I knew I needed to be friends with you. I saw your smile. I saw your fear. I saw you. I thought I could help, little did I know how much you would help me. We formed a friendship. That January you started teacher training. I saw me in you. You in me, I suppose we can see ourselves in everyone, after all, we all are one. I wanted so bad to cure you. How ignorant of me. The depth of your cancer was so unknown. Then we met Kelly. Kelly, was the caregiver to her husband, who had the same cancer as you. How can this be? Such a rare cancer, I thought. Turns out 300,000 people are diagnosed each year with this brain cancer. The community gravitated to Kellys story. We all watched from afar as she told her story to Facebook for us all to be there together. Bonds we formed. Friendships were made. A sisterhood and motherhood of women surrounded you. You chose to be by Kelly and Steve’s side, through it all, you chose to face your fate head on and be there for a friend who in return was by your side until the end. What a beautiful circle of life. 

Amanda, you are a warrior. If you were lucky enough to talk to Amanda and get to know her, you know her struggles and you know her triumphs. She was a fierce, goddess woman who got dealt a short life. She made the best of her reality. We are all dying, we are dying as soon as we are born. We just don’t know the end. Amanda had a time stamp on hers. She knew. I know I didn’t believe. I believed she would beat it. 300,000 cases of her brain cancer a yea, yet no cure or known cause. There is only one outcome. She knew that. She lived. She shined. She smiled her way though the darkness. She’s a reminder we all have one life that we know of, make it count.

Amanda cherished the studio and all of her students very much. They were her family, they were her friends and they were there for her in a very challenging part of her life. She shared her story, she shared her life.

On July 25th, at Amanda‘s memorial service, we will share stories of Amanda after we practice yoga and while we drink champagne. There will be a silent auction and a raffle to raise money for The Amanda Gammisch Foundation, where 100% of the proceeds will go to this foundation. This foundation will help others going through similar situations or any family or child who needs support. If you have anything to donate to be auctioned, contact me. We are also taking monetary donations via the, Venmo, cash, check or credit card.