Welcome to Yoga at Kula Studios!

“Yoga is the cessation of the movements of the mind. Then there is abiding in the Seer’s own form.”

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. We are grateful. 

Below you’ll find words and phrases that are common at both yoga studios (and to yoga in general) along with pictures of asanas (postures) with their names.

We encourage you to, “start where you are.” This is your own unique journey, not a competition or race.

We do offer “beginner” classes and workshops  for anyone who wants a more in-depth introduction to the practice and philosophy of yoga.

If you want to explore / find out more about the history and philosophy of yoga, a great place to start is:

Common Words & Phrases

Sanskrit – The classical language of India and Hinduism. Also, the original language for yoga postures (asanas) that are sometimes used interchangeably by our yoga instructors.

Asana / Asanas: The Sanskrit word for yoga posture(s).

Pranayama: In the context of our classes, this word means breath or “breath extension and control” according to

Ujjayi breathing: A breathing technique in yoga that is sometimes called “the ocean breath”.

Sun Salutation A: The most common series of postures (asanas) done in order. (see below). 

Sun Salutation B: Also, a very common series or asanas done in order. (see below). 

Take a Flow – a cue between postures for you to go through Sun Salutation A.

Root Down to Rise Up – used to bring your attention to being grounded in your postures and help you recognize that your whole body is involved with every pose.  This is typically heard when lifting the upper body into a specific pose.

“Yoga is a great word. To yoke. To harness. To steer your way through life instead of being steered. To be in control of your life. A co-creator in your life.

Yoga means to union. To become one. To slow down so you can experience your true nature. When you experience your true nature, you begin to see without the limiting beliefs that have been placed upon us.”  

~ Jackie Anderson, Kula Owner 


Sun Salutation A: 

Sun Salutation B:

Core Yoga Poses

Here are a few more asanas (postures) common in yoga. 

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