Pre-Natal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is to help expectant moms by creating a space to relax and bond with their unborn baby. Prenatal yoga helps aid in some of the discomforts of pregnancy whether it’s aches and pains, anxiety or insomnia. It is also an opportunity to create a supportive network with other expectant moms in the community while transitioning through this major life change. An important benefit of the practice is preparing the body physically for the baby by opening the hips and chest and strengthening the pelvic floor while using breathing techniques to calm the body and mind. This is a filmed class to support a home prenatal yoga practice. This class is also an appropriate beginner gentle yoga flow for all ages and skill levels.

PORT ORANGE: Tuesday 5:30 pm 

NEW SMYRNA BEACH: Friday 5:30 pm 

ONLY $8 & Available via Zoom (livestream)