At Kula we are constantly working toward being our authentic selves. We offer a plethora of workshops for learning and gaining more knowledge about ourselves. Currently, due to COVID, we are not offering any workshops!

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Beginner Flow Basics Workshop with Jackie

Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for awhile, taking time to be a beginner can have a profound impact on your practice.

In this special workshop, you will learn the most basic and fundamentally important aspects of yoga, building a solid foundation for the longevity of your practice.

This workshop provides:

  • Brief background on what yoga is
  • Breathing techniques that are common to the yoga practice
  • Fundamental yoga postures and how to adapt them to your abilities and needs
  • Warm, supportive and fun environment – where we will move and grow together as a group. You might even make some new friends!

We’ll repeat things so you are sure to learn them. And, we always have time for questions.

To ensure a spot in this workshop, please register in advance. 

Sunday, May 2nd



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Aerial Yoga 40 Hr Teacher Training

The aerial yoga certification offered by Flying Beach Yoga is designed for those students and teachers who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga in the aerial hammock and who wish to share that practice with others. It will prepare those who complete the course with the skills needed to lead a public aerial yoga class. The training will cover the topics of safety, rigging, spotting, assisting, verbal cueing, anatomy and physiology, and inversions. The participants will also leave with a full class they can teach to the public and will be required to teach a live class in order to receive their certification.

This is a 40 hour course offered over 2 weekends in May at Kula Yoga NSB.
5/1/2021: 11am-9pm
5/2/2021: 1pm-9pm
5/15/2021: 11am-9pm
5/16/2021: 1pm-9pm

We highly recommend purchasing an aerial yoga hammock for your training. Home practice is needed in addition to in-studio training in order to get the most benefit out of your investment of money and time in training. Hammocks are available for sale at and can be shipped or picked up in studio at Kula Yoga.

Registration Deadline 4/23/21

This training is valid for 40 contact hours of CEU with Yoga Alliance.

New Smyrna Beach Location 


Joy of Transformational Breath with Emily Archer

Modern day breathwork stems from the ancient Yogic tradition and in recent years has gained credibility as a healing technique. “Joy of Transformational Breath” is a powerful healing modality that decreases stress, tension, anxiety and allows participants to connect and hear their inner truth and guidance. The practice includes breathing a conscious and connected diaphragmatic breath. We set an intention, breathe a guided continuous breath, tone, incorporate light movement, followed with an integration period (where the magic occurs!) This breathwork is based on 3 levels so it is all encompassing; Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Spiritual.

Discover how breathing is the key to transformation!
Transformational Breath® is a conscious, connected, integrated breathing technique founded by author Dr. Judith Kravitz. Rinpoche Tulku Thubten referred to the Transformational Breath® as something that you may call a shortcut to enlightenment”. 
About Emily:
Emily Archer, M.A., is originally from South Florida, a mother of 2 sons, an assistant professor of Sociology, and a yoga instructor. She found breathwork as part of her recovery from anxiety and depression and after trying “everything under the sun” it was Transformational Breath® that truly changed her life. Her mission is to spread this magical work with others!

Saturday, May 8th, 5:00pm-6:30pm


New Smyrna Beach Studio 

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