At Kula we are constantly working toward being our authentic selves. We offer a plethora of workshops for learning and gaining more knowledge about ourselves. Currently, due to COVID, we are not offering any workshops!

Come explore with us! 

Joy of Transformational Breath with Emily Archer

Modern day breathwork stems from the ancient Yogic tradition and in recent years has gained credibility as a healing technique. “Joy of Transformational Breath” is a powerful healing modality that decreases stress, tension, anxiety and allows participants to connect and hear their inner truth and guidance. The practice includes breathing a conscious and connected diaphragmatic breath. We set an intention, breathe a guided continuous breath, tone, incorporate light movement, followed with an integration period (where the magic occurs!) This breathwork is based on 3 levels so it is all encompassing; Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Spiritual.

Discover how breathing is the key to transformation!
Transformational Breath® is a conscious, connected, integrated breathing technique founded by author Dr. Judith Kravitz. Rinpoche Tulku Thubten referred to the Transformational Breath® as something that you may call a shortcut to enlightenment”. 
About Emily:
Emily Archer, M.A., is originally from South Florida, a mother of 2 sons, an assistant professor of Sociology, and a yoga instructor. She found breathwork as part of her recovery from anxiety and depression and after trying “everything under the sun” it was Transformational Breath® that truly changed her life. Her mission is to spread this magical work with others!

Saturday, April 3th, 11am – 12:30pm


Port Orange Studio 

Backbending 101 Workshop with Samantha Dunman

Our bodies can hold so much stress, sadness, and tension. There is no better way to bring vitality back into your body than through back bending postures. Backbends strengthen the spine and release the body from averse energy. Backbends show you how to overcome fear and frustration and replace it with ease and grace. They teach you to live with an open heart and a passion for life and love!
In this 2 hour workshop, learn how the spine functions and moves, and break down the components to find ease in backbends.
Join Samantha Dunman, 200-RYT Instructor, as she guides you through a dynamic and invigorating workshop of backbending postures and experience how these postures cultivate power from within and build physical strength. This workship is for all levels!

Saturday, April 18th

2:00-4:00 p.m.

$20 (Early Bird Registration before 4/18)

$30 (on the day of the event) 

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