Etiquette is a code of behavior that defines expectations for social behavior within a society, social class, or group. It is not a loud and explicit rule; it is soft and subtle and yet always carries you further when you observe appropriate etiquette in the right setting.

Please be mindful and respectful to others around that may be meditating. Please refrain from conversational talk in the studio (before, during and after). Please take the conversations into the lobby or outside. Be mindful of how you set up. Settle down quickly and quietly and respect the students around you.


Please do not bring your cell phone into the studio. Suggest leaving your phone at home or in your car (not always the safest choice). If you must bring your phone into the studio lobby, please turn it off; not silent or vibrate, but OFF. If you have an emergency and must have your phone, please let the teacher know.

Please take your shoes off before entering into the studio. It is a sacred place for many.

Be mindful of your cologne and perfume. You breathe deeply in yoga and strong smells can cause discomfort when in such close proximity to one another. Be mindful of your hygiene and sweat around you in class. Always clean your space for the next class.

Clean up your immediate space. Put block, straps and bolsters back as you found them. A yogi always leaves the space cleaner than how they found it.

Be respectful to the teacher. Practice within their guidance and modifications. Please do not come to class and do your own flow while the rest of the class is practicing together. Save your personal practice for home practice please.

Practice silence/stillness during savasana. Be mindful of your movement and energy during savasana. It is NOT the time to leave class. If you must leave early, please leave before savasana. Recommended to allocate enough time for the FULL class. Love & appreciation for savasana comes with practice.

Please do not bring children (even well behaved children) to class to sit in the hallway or to attend class. Students must be 14 or older and must be accompanied by an adult, unless for Kids Yoga (4-14).

Please make sure to sign in and pay for class.