Kula Yoga offers a variety of classes with a variety of different instructors.
We offer classes of ALL LEVELS.
Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or brand new to yoga, you’ll feel at home at Kula Yoga.
All classes are heated unless specified.
(95-100℉) in Port Orange & (90-95℉) in New Smyrna Beach.

Hatha Yoga

Heated – Beginner

A slow-paced stretching class with simple breathing exercises and seated meditation. Learn the basic poses, relaxation techniques, and become comfortable with yoga. Poses are held a little longer in this style practice versus a vinyasa flow style.

Beginner’s Flow

Heated – Beginner

Flow at a slow pace and explore the foundational yoga postures with a focus on alignment, safety and modifications to a moving soundtrack of music. Straps, blocks & wedges provided. The teacher will provide more instruction than a vinaysa 1 or 2 class.

Vinyasa I

Heated – All Levels


Our inspiring flow style links poses and breath in creative sequences to a moving soundtrack of music that compliments the flow. You will be introduced to arm balances and inversions at a basic level.  This class will guide you through breath-synchronized movement. Expect a mind, body and spirit blend, in addition to an energetic practice.

Vinyasa Flow II

Heated – Intermediate

Expect all the same poses as Vinyasa Flow I but with more vigorous movement, full inversions, and options for advancement in poses to create a more challenging practice.  This class provides you with less instruction, more transitions, and more breath focus movement to a soundtrack that will leave you feeling energized and recharged.

Vin Yin

Heated– All Levels

A balanced blend of Yang and Yin starting with Vinyasa Flow that will challenge the Yang- bringing heat, strength, and awareness into your practice. You will end class with a calm, slow, stretching yin practice; giving physical and mental awareness to your body, mind and soul. This is a perfect
all rounded class.

Hip Hop Glow Yoga

Hot – Intermediate

An exciting and challenging Vinyasa flow class set to upbeat & fun hip- hop music. Work up a sweat with a high-energy workout. No dancing skills required! This class is intense, fun and to black lights. If you are easily offended by music, this class is not for you!

Sunrise Flow

Warm – All Levels

This 60 minute dynamic yoga practice is designed to awaken and open your body while deepening your breath. This class is a great way to start YOUR day! You will leave feeling energized and ready to begin your day with clarity, peace and harmony. We end sharply at 6:30 am. Showers available after class.

Detox Flow

Hot – All Levels/Intermediate

90 minute hot yoga class designed to help detoxify the body with postures that stretch, compress and twist every part of the body. Helps eliminate bloating, acne, fatigue, stress and anxiety for a mind-body cleansing experience. All levels welcomed.

Candlelit Yin Yoga

Heated- All Levels/Beginner

Experience the calm and meditative practice of Yin Yoga to balance and ground your energy, enhance your range of motion in the joints, and bring a greater equilibrium to your physical and emotional well being. Yin is a slow, stead practice that will leave every ounce of you feeling more open and relaxed. Generally you hold poses from 90 seconds to 5 minutes, and it is a very passive practice.


Warm- All Levels

A fusion of yoga and pilates exercises blended together to build a strong core while focusing on breathwork, flexibility and meditation.  Bands, large and small fitness balls and blocks used in this class.

Guided Meditation


Breath by breath. Be here now. With awareness of our body and breath, we reconnect with our heart and cultivate our capacity to be present. Through this practice, we are invited to listen inwardly, concentrate and calm the mind, open ourselves up to how things actually are and to cultivate a sense of well-being that arises from within. Sit, open, and explore with us during this 45-minute guided meditation, and meet the rest of your day with the aliveness of presence. This class is appropriate for all levels and everyone is welcome.

Aerial Yoga

Not Heated- All levels

Kula’s Aerial Yoga is a unique aerial art designed for beginners as well as seasoned yogis. By using gravity as a gentle aid, aerial yoga allows practitioners to achieve inversions and deep stretches in a safe and fun environment. Space is limited to 5 spots, so please register in advance. THERE WILL BE NO WALK Ins AVAILABLE.  No additional equipment is necessary, but we ask that you refrain from wearing clothing with zippers and buttons, and no jewlrey. We look forward to flying with you! This class is designed to for BRAND NEW Students to Aerial and also those experienced flyers. There are no refunds or credits if you sign up and miss class, so make sure you can make it!!!

Kula Barre

Not- Heated

Kula Barre class is designed to support the body in both static and dynamic movement leading to long lean physique. Kula Barre combines the grace of a ballet barre, with the wisdom of yoga and strength of pilates. Set to upbeat music and recommended sequenced moves that will get the body fit.


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